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October 02 2015


Gaming On-The-Go: Augmented Reality 'Pokemon Go'

Pokeman go

Gaming On-The-Go is basically a weekly series that explores mainly  the mobile gaming industry as well as revealing current trends, with hands-on guides for the latest smartphone and tablet games.

Gamers get ready, because this Pokémon news is really going to be big.

As what we  already know, Nintendo is finally entering the mobile gaming market and is set the develop games "specifically for smart devices" or Android devices  based on its popular characters in a partnership with Japanese mobile gaming company- the DeNA.

Many still wonder what these mobile games will be like, such as if the company will just license its characters, it will be much awaited to see what comes out of this collaboration. However, mobile gamers are sure excited to learn about the new Pokémon game Nintendo and  has its hands on that will be available next year for both iOS and Android devices.

The Pokémon Co.has announced a mobile app called Pokémon GO, which is basically a game that will have players on the mission to go out and catch them all in the real world. 
Primarily, the Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that combines virtual and real-world gameplay. Interestingy, the  players actually get to find and catch Pokémon that are lurking right in their very own cities and they will receive a notification on their smartphone or on a small Bluetooth-connected device called Pokémon GO Plus (via LED lights and vibrations) when a Pokémon character is nearby them, and it shows how far the player is away from it, so they can then hunt it down and add it to their collection.

What more could you ask and need in a game that lets us explore the real-world locations to find Jiggypuff, Bulbassaur or even Pikachu hiding behind a rock or hanging by the park? It's like having our virtual fantasies pouring right over into real life into your very own eyes.

Now indeed is the new and modern era and instead of whipping out prehistoric Game Boys or even pulling out your Pokémon card collection, trading and battling has never been easier thanks to the fact that everything can be done right from your mobile device. 

However, this Pokémon GO is not technically Nintendo's first mobile game, it will be a new franchise created in collaboration by game developer Niantic and publisher the Pokémon Co. Niantic is also known for its augmented reality mobile game called Ingress- it's a game that features a sci-fi storyline and uses GPS technology. With that said, definitely  no doubts the Pokémon game will be a hit as well.

September 07 2015


Skpe's Latest Version For Android and iOs

Mountain view
Skype app has been a useful app for most people of all ages and races for Androids and iOS. It serves to connect to ones love ones and significant others. Developer has made some iteration and updates to fully satisfy those who need it. This update allows its users to share photos and files as well  with friends and family even when they are offline. Previously, this feature was unavailable and users on both ends were required to be online in order to send and receive photos and files. This new update has also confirmed that this latest version of Skype for Android devices is basically  equipped with a multi-tasking feature and now with better voice calling, especially in such areas where internet connection is fairly good or not so strong.

Users can also avail these features on Skype only by clicking on  notification option which used to be slow and lagging on the previous versions. Skype allows the users to enable picture to picture option through which a user can easily operate and navigate from anywhere even without keeping the video call active. On the other side, Skype version 5.10 for Android platform as well as iOS has brought back a unified resource identifier support (URI) which  means the users can simply link the iOS device and mobile websites with Skype on iPhone. By this, it allows users to choose a phone number from Skype’s contact list to initiate the process of making phone calls or sending instant text messages.

Skype hopes that this recent update will surely encourage and draw many users to make it their default app, beside it's pretty useful and important, ether it's rooted Android or not. For instance, a user viewing a restaurant or hotel website wants to make a call on the number displayed on the website; what's needed is that he or she just needs to click on the Skype icon. More so, Skype has also improvised itself by showing the phone number on the dialer screen.

Features of new version of Skype for Android and iOS

The updated version of Skype 5.3 is loaded with many features such as bubble style layout design in Chat, emoji support which also adds fun to their conversation. These emoticons as well  are  somewhat similar to Facebook messenger and therefore it offers the same feel here.

Another feature is definitely of use for those who are fond of making calls while driving. The Skype will offer him a speech to text feature which will allow him to be hands free and can continue conversation on Skype without typing messages at his or her convenience. This Skype's latest version for Android and iOS  has eliminated auto scroll down feature, that simply means the chat will not scroll down automatically and this change has been made for the benefit of the users because sometimes it is tough to catch up on some parts that you missed while you were on the move and more often confusing.

Users as well are now able to view groups in group chat section and can simply change the participant’s avatars according to their choices and preference. In addition to this, one can also add up to 20 to 25 people in a group as many as that. Wait, there's more, another feature will soon be introduced for the benefit of the users to log in with another Skype account, or simply add another account. This feature absolutely very helpful for business professionals who need to operate multiple Skype accounts for business meetings and other important agendas and the same applies to rooted Android.

August 27 2015


The Irking Truth About Android: Android is Pwned

Unroot android One of the sessions at Black Hat in Las Vegas mentioned "pwning millions of Androids," but the abstract still uncleared and didn't go into full detail. And for once, there's nothing like this news that's already published elsewhere. Everything about it is vague and unpredictable, but sure didn't expect it to be as dramatically alarming as it turned out to be.

The Check Point researchers Ohad Bobrov and Avi Basha reviewed  the malware category that is called mRATs, which means mobile remote access trojans. Unknowingly, many people install these nasty little programs to spy on spouses, or for more nefarious purposes. They're definitely undetectable, and they can possibly and totally control your phone.

To The Rescue

Primarily,  mRATs are bad, and now we know they're bad. Your mobile antivirus should be the one to take care of them. Bobrov and Bashan critically  analyzed many samples and fortunately identified their capabilities, such as like capturing what's on the screen, sending commands as if from the user, and utilizing exploits to get installed. However, along the way, they also found another category of app with mostly of the same capabilities, except that there's no exploits, rooting, or other chicanery involved.

Some Mobile remote support tools (mRSTs) such as LogMeIn and TeamViewer basically allow support agents to remotely diagnose and fix problems with your Android with whatever issues it has. What they need is the same total access to your device that mRATs do, but their purpose is quite benign.

Bobrov and Bashan dug into this app category and luckily found that a huge number of Android devices come pre-installed with either a complete mRST, or with a low-level service plugin. For instance, they found that TeamViewer was pre-installed in most devices from LG, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, and Samsung. What a great lineup!

Privileged Permissions

Every single Android app certainly needs permissions, but there are as well some permissions that are just too potent for the average app  including capturing what's on the screen and simulating user input, exactly what mSRTs (and mRATs) need to do, and the only way to get these permissions without an exploit is to have it signed by the OEM.

Typically, the mRST consists of two parts. One is the powerful plugin which has all those privileged permissions and with no user interface, and the other one is the visible app with no unusual permissions. If it needs to do something like see what's on the screen or click a link, it basically sends a request to the invisible background service. And absolutely that's where the trouble starts before you know it.

Dark Side Up

Actually, for your information, Android apps certainly communicate with one another via the Binder, and there's no built-in authentication in this communication channel. To picture perfect the scenario, each vendor has to invent any kind of  authentication system and, as the Check Point team discovered, they do a surprisingly flank the job.

The TeamViewer's plugin basically verifies its own visible app by checking the serial number of the calling program's certificate against a number that's hard-coded in the plugin which is as well visible to anybody who cares to look for it. And since Android developers sign their own certificates, Bashan and Bobrov absolutely had no trouble creating a certificate that was totally accepted by the plugin. That point on, their app could function as an mRAT, and  with no need for any sort of exploit or other shady behavior.

So the team sincerely performed a real-world demo. They installed an innocuous flashlight app (which is commonly known as a spying app) on an Android phone and immediately took control of it by using a command-and-control server. They then had full control over the device, just exactly as the user would. Totally no question and doubts  about it, the plugin had been turned to the dark side.

Another mRST app for instance, is the Communitake-- the attack vector was worse, even much worse. The main app accepts SMS commands to define which Communitake subdomain should be used for command and control and a flaw in this system simply allowed the researchers to transfer control even totally, to any arbitrary server. Just one text and they own your device, a phone perhaps. That's rude.

Can't Get Through It

As noted, in order to get the necessary privileged permissions, the mRST plugin has to be signed with the OEM's certificate and by revoking that certificate, just like when you root your Android, would brick the phone. Android rooting even in the best way possible, could be as equally threatening and risky, you can't simply get through it. The only solution for this is for the mRST vendor and OEM to push out updates with a much better security. And of course due to Android fragmentation, certainly any solution that depends on updates simply will not reach all users for sure.  In addition, you can't easily uninstall a plugin that was baked into the OS by the OEM. The researchers concluded that the customization ecosystem is fundamentally flawed.

A Flash of Hope

Stay calm and think and don't throw your Android phone out the window yet. There's a blog post about the vulnerability, Bobrov and Bashan have provided  a link to an app that scans your Android for problems and issues. The link lets you know if a vulnerable plugin is present, and whether it's being abused.

August 09 2015


Makers of Android Smartwatch Must Have Something to Vie with the Apple Watch

Google watch
Apple as of these days, well, undeniably the most talked when it comes to smartwatches. And it only seems fitting that the Android watch makers need to do something dramatic to keep up the game.

As expected by many, the Watch realized the imaginations of the Apple faithful, and many of them ordered one of the devices the first chance they got since the release. And reportedly, Apple said to sold more Watches in the first day of pre-orders at around 1 million on April 10 compared to those Android Wear watchmakers sold during the full year of 2014. And most people of today's generation first think of Apple when it comes to smartwatch, most certainly pictures an Apple Watch.

Android Wear-powered smartwatch makers need to have something to vie with the Apple Watch, an answer to the first generation of the Watch perhaps. The Android Wear platform has reasonably got stucked and primarily taken no game changing leaps forward since its launch in the year 2014. The Android Wear devices, in most cases are still very dependent on their paired phones.

Indeed, when it comes to functionality, Android-based smartwatches are definitely limited, let's take Samsung's Galaxy Gear for instance,, which garnered a lot of criticisms, and many Samsung faithful as well hoped for more functionality. Thanks to the developers and some other great minds out there, hacks are made available which allows the Galaxy Gear to run regular Android apps and more recently, it looks like that the watch has been rooted.

There are several details of the root process from the xda-developers. Like other Android devices, Android wear as well can be rooted and there are lots of ways to gain root access, but far the best yet is through One Click Root- the simplest, fastest, and safest way to root your Android., as well as the steps that would be needed to reverse the process. As we often say with these types of situations regarding Android rooting, is something you should do at your own risk. One Click Root has the process simplified down into just a few steps, which seems to be rather basic and comprehensive.

So primarily, the dynamic in the smartwatch business is absolutely different from that of the smartphone business. Basically, the Android platform and Android smartphones are routinely the first to introduce popular and latest features and form factors, and Apple which is considered  the “fast follower”, speedily scoops up the most popular ones and deftly bakes them into its phones even on its other devices.

In smartwatches world, undeniably Apple is leading the way with its  new features like Force Touch and native apps. And that’s absolutely OK, but the Android Wear smartwatch makers must have to follow in a faster pace, and they arguably should  have to push the bar higher by introducing some features the Apple Watch doesn’t have or offer.

The Android watch maker crowd isn’t likely to beat Apple on pure design, style, or brand cache, and that's half the truth, but still possibly can on the other aspects, they have to win on pure functionality, and maybe on price perhaps.

Whatever they do or thought doing,  they better be fast before all the excitement about Android Wear is completely gone. You can expect to see a new wave of smartwatches from the likes of other big name brands such as Motorola (a 360 2, most likely), Samsung, and LG.

July 22 2015


Unrooting Rooted Android Device

Unroot android

Rooting your Android device can have a lot of benefits to both for you and your Android device. It can give you a lot more control over your Android device, but it also will usually void your warranty (in most cases) and make repairs a real  hassle. Good thing, you can quickly unroot most devices with a few simple steps. However, Samsung Galaxy devices, things are a little trickier but with the right tools it will still as easy as those other devices.

Android rooting your device is just simple, depending on which device you own, also depending on the methods used because different methods apply to different devices and its models. Nowadays there are plenty of guides and YouTube videos online that teach you how this can be done with ease. All you have to do is to choose the best way to root your Android. Chances are, you might get rooted as what you wanted. But  often times, rooting your device modifies system files that OEM software can detect. Or could be, side effects can be as hassle and outweighs more than its benefits. Un-Rooting your Android device isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and comparably way easier than Un-Jailbreaking an iOS device. There are many reasons why you would consider Un-Rooting your Android device get it back to the way it should be.

One of the reasons would be that a rooted application or program you have downloaded and installed into your Android may have its negative impact on your device and is causing all sorts of problems and unpleasant issues. Un-rooting your device will obviously revert your system’s state, depriving installed Rooted apps and programs of Root Access and permissions, so they will have no chance to take effect and simply means it would no longer function as it is on the rooted Android.

Another reason why you would want to un-root your rooted Android device is that, because System Updates via OTA will not allow you proceed with the Update download/install because the system has detected that your device has been modified through rooting, and this means you have to manually install everything. System updates are sometimes crucial, as well as solving critical issues, security vulnerabilities, bug fixes, and even the quality of life changes, something that we should all do on a frequent basis when available, it can make everything a lot easier. When un-rooting your Android device, there are also several methods which you are going to choose which one suits best for your convenience. Rooting is very much interesting, and un-rooting always comes second when everything went a little hazy with your Android and getting back into its default form will be safe.

July 12 2015


Google's Sweet Treat : Android M

android m
On the very basic of things, Android is a mobile operating system primarily based on Linux Kernel which is mainly developed by Google. It is solely designed with user interface  for direct manipulation and is most widely used in smartphones and tablets, as well as to televisions, cars, and wrist watches. The Android operating system uses touch inputs that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping, tapping, pinching, and reverse pinching to manipulate on-screen objects, and as well as the virtual keyboard. Though it's being primarily designed for touchscreen devices, it has also been used in game consoles, digital cameras, regular PCs, and other Android-based gadgets. It has become a more common thning we come across everyday and evolving and changing as well from time to time.

Most of the smartphone users who have waited for Android 5.0 Lollipop update for their devices, has probably been rejoicing right now, but recently Google has again going one step forward and announced its Android Lollipop's successor-- the Android M. Well, obviously it sure to have a sweet sugary name like those previous versions. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as sweet as its name for those who eagerly want to get their hands on it, because you won't be able to get your hands on Android M straight away  unless you're a developer.

The Android M developer preview is already available, however thhe main Android M release date is set for Q3 2015 and then there and  when we'll also learn the sweet treat name Google has given it, and you'll also wonder what will it cost. Good thing, all Android M upgrades are for free. At least there's something to rejoice.

On the other side, the developers will receive at least two further updates to the Android M preview before it hits the mainstream as promised by Google.

And it hints that is supports Nexus 5 and 6 hansdsets, Nexus 9 tablet, and Nexus Player, but by end of this year, final software will be announced. Surely at the end of June Sony is the first hardware maker to offer the Android M developer preview for non-Nexus models. Sony announced that these are the following devices that will be able to download the Android M developer preview: Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, Xperia Z2 Tablet, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1 Compact, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia E3, Xperia M2, Xperia T2 Ultra and the Xperia T3.

android m
Here are some sneak peek on Android M's features:

Android Pay

Android M has incorporated Android Pay and it doesn't mean it's only available with Android M, it will be supported on devices with NFC running Android KitKat and above. This works pretty easily. All you have to do is unlock and place your handset on a compatible contactless payment terminal, no need to open an app.

Android M fingerprint support

There are already smartphones featuring fingerprint scanners, but Google is looking forward that the support to be standardized accross the whole platform with Android M. It also allows you to unlock your device and pay for media from the Google Play store and the fingerprint scanning tech is also open to developers. That basically means developers can incorporate it into their own applications and allows you to sign into them without the need for a password, as well as pay for goods using Android Pay.

Voice controls

This quite an interesting side of Android M. Android M is getting a better voice control with the new Voice Interaction API that  allow app developers to build voice control directly into their apps. Simply means that the owners of Android M devices will be able to speak to their apps,  and the apps will even talk back.

It's simply like talking to your smartphone, in a  natural way of speaking to your smartphone and the apps installed. And it could revolutionise the way we interact with our smartphones.

July 01 2015


How-To: Rooting the Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi redmi 1s

Xiaomi is the most talk-about new brand in Indian tech scene nowadays because of its pretty good phones at insanely low prices exactly how people wanted. Considering that Xiami is still a startup and practically doesn't have much financial might like Samsung and Apple, yet they manage to deliver such good pieces at lower cost. The Xiaomi Redmi 1S is another candybar smartphone which is unattractive looking and unexciting, but might not be a bad thing for some and could definitely change the dynamics of the smartphone market

Xiaomi Redmi 1S ha phenomenal 4.7-inch LCD screen delivering 720x1280 pixels display resolution compared to other similarly priced smartphones. The screen as well is protected by a AGC Dragontrail 2 glass, it's scratch-proof. It houses Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.6GHz with an integrated Adreno 305 GPU, paired with 1GB RAM and an 8GB internal storage up to 64GB expandability via microSD card, and is equipped with an 8-megapixel BSI camera with flash and a 1.6-megapixel front-facing camera. It is powered by a 2000 mAh battery, it supports two-SIMs but only 1 SIM works on 3G network. It's also WiFi and Bluetooth ready and runs on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) with Xiaomi's MIUI v5 skin on top of it. With its jaw-dropping specs and from the price-to-performance,  the Xiaomi Redmi 1S is absolutely and unbelievably good.

However, if pinpointing out an issue/s is demanded, only one issue could slightly bother- the RAM could be insufficient to store and run a bunch of apps at once, but if you don't run several apps at a time, then it shouldn't be a big deal. But just in case, rooting your Xiaomi Redmi 1S can expand its capabilities and potentials beyond its limits. Android rooting is the only ultimate issue solution for Androids.

Xiaomi redmi 1s
Rooting Your  Xiaomi Redmi 1S

One reason to root your Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the Xiaomi's MIUI, though it's very colorful, but many still don't prefer that UI. However, rooting can change a lot of things in your Android including UI, custom firmware, removing bloatware and ads, and a lot more. And getting root access could be extremely difficult and risky, but with One Click Root, it's simplified in few quick and easy steps. Here's how to root your Android smartphone:

Step 1) Be sure to have better back up for the device's data, as precautionary measure in case everything goes wrong along the way.

Step 2) Download, install or launch One Click Root into your computer

Step 3) Simply connect your Android smartphone to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 4) Enable USB debugging by opening the 'Developers options' .

Step 5) Run One Click Root by hitting the 'Root Now' button.

Let the software finishes the remaining tasks. The device boots few times until it reach to its rooted Android state. The process shouldn't take long, and in less time you'll have what you aimed for.

What do I get from my rooted Android smartphone?

With the Windows operating system, you surely come across with the term 'Run as Administrator' and pretty familiar what it means. It's the same thing rooting allows you do with your Android. It simply means you are freely allowed to play with internal system files and making you the total controller of the Android you invested in. With the rooted Android, you can do amazing things you weren't expecting in the first place. To name a few of the many, you can remove or block ads, you can free up space by uninstalling system apps you don't need, increase your Internal Memory and RAM, install a firewall, get an even more robust anti-theft solution, and a lot more.

With the increasing number of geeks and rooting solution available online, selecting the right tool is now extremely difficult. There are lots of ways to root your Android, but rooting with One Click Root is one of the best ways to root your Android smartphone. Take note that the software developer is not responsible to any direct or indirect damage/s to your Android device along the process. You are liable to your own decisions and actions towards rooting process.

June 19 2015


How-To: Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9190

Samsung galaxy s4

As what expected from the top makers of top-tier Android devices, always comes better after the other like Samsung successfully brings out what the customers always wanted and anticipated what their product would be for the next release. The market loves the Galaxy S4 and Samsung brings out what the customers love about it in their Galaxy S4 Mini, satisfying those who prefer a 4-inch that they can enjoy.

Sure, it doesn't have all the specs of the Galaxy S4 but still able to deliver great solid Galaxy experience, though in much smaller frame. Basically, it brings out the best of the Galaxy S4 within a smaller frame. With smaller but great phone comes with the price, as the Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9190 sports only dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor with 8GB internal storage and less memory. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is powered by 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, packed with 1GB of RAM and with expandable storage via microSD card of up to 64GB. Its 8MP and 1.9MP cameras, an infrared blaster for controlling your TV, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, LTE, a 1900 mAh battery which is quite decent but not as capacitive as the origan S4 are some notable features.

However, its TouchWiz UI is cluttered and only less than 4GB user usable storage. Nonetheless, the Galaxy S4 Mini still works just perfectly fine. But if you want your device to give it all out, rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is the solution, wherein it makes more out of the less.

Samsung galaxy s4

Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9190

Rooting is the only way to loosen up your Android's restricted capabilities and unleash amusing things it can do with the Android device. Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9190 opens up opportunites and in fact a lot advantages as it unlocks new exclusive apps, install more apps, and also unlocks customization options. The root process indeed is complicated, complex, risky, and unsafe, and with hundreds of how-to: rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9190 tutorials you can find on the internet choosing the right one is extremely difficult. However, with the right rooting tool, the process is relatively simple provided with these quick and easy steps:

Step 1) Be alway prepared and back up your device data for easy recovery if the procedure fails.

Step 2) Simply download and install One Click Root program to your computer.

Step 3) Then connect using the standard USB cable your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini GT-I9190 to your computer.

Step 4) Afterwards, enable USB debugging.

Step 5) Finally, run One Click Root by clicking 'Root Now' button and let it finishes the remaining tasks.

Once done with aforementioned steps, time to relax a bit and patiently waits for the device to reboot several times prior to finally rebooting to its rooted Android state. Until then, no big obvious changes with its visual appearance right after, but definitely you can with its entire internal system. The level of customozation is almost near limitless.

What do I get after my Android device is rooted?

Samsung galaxy s4

Android is the most widely used operating system on Earth and is the most customizable. Optimizing one's Android capabilities to the maximum, revealing its real potential is called rooting. Rooting Android as well brings out the geekdom in you and enables you to take total control over your Android and manipulate it in accordance to your personal preference, suitability and needs. 

It's basically dangerous, but once rooted, it's all paid off and worthy. A rooted Android can have all the benefits of what rooting can offer. Either getting custom ROM updates, removing stubborn bloatware and annoying ads, overclock, upgrade battery, wireless tethering or even change TouchWiz UI. Your device may be a bit old and outdated, with rooting, it can be more than or comparably similar to the top-tier, highly priced flagship devices without robbing out the bank.

June 12 2015


How-To: Rooting the HTC HD A9191

HTC desire

The Taiwanese manufacturer seems eager to take the smartphones to the next level with their HTC Desire HD A9191. Though it’s not the latest these days, but still one of the great featuring and attention getter to many, since HTC is one of the prestigious and top-tiered brands. HTC’s products easily sells because of its precise and well-designed devices. This HTC Desire HD A9191, it has a good screen, great design, bucket loads of features combine to make this phone generally a good pick.

Its enormous 4.3-inch LCD multi capacitive screen gets you many potential benefits, you can pretty detect what in it. It sports 800 x 480 pixels display resolution, which sadly we know is a little no higher than the other rivals with smaller screens. Powered by Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon S2 and runs on Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo), v2.3 (Gingerbread), with a clock speed of 1GHz Scorpion and backed up with more or less than 1.5GB of RAM. It has an 8MP primary camera with auto-focus and dual-LED flash, but no secondary camera. Like most smartphones these days, it is Bluetooth and WiFi-ready, and only an average battery life. Well, generally, it is still a good phone compared to other rivals of the same class, still a good pick.

Sure. HTC is quite pricey than the lower class with almost similar specs sheets, you can opt to buying a cut-price alternatives to HTC Desire HD, or you can simply to rooting your HTC Desire HD A9191 which cost you less or nothing at all.

HTC desire
Rooting Your HTC Desire HD A9191

Getting root access means you can do a lot of great things to your device once you’re rooted. It allows you dive deeper into the core system and break the restriction walls and the admin rights as well, so you can enjoy life every moment with your Android device. However, rooting entails great risks, so rooting with customer certified, with top-notch services, and most trusted rooting method is definitely of great help. Rooting with One Click Root, makes life a lot easier, simpler, and faster. Here’s how-to: rooting the HTC Desire HD A9191 quick and easy steps:

Step 1) Back up your device. It’s a precautionary measure that’ll keep you ready when something gets wrong or if the procedure fails along the way, it may lost all the data on your device.

Step2) Download and install One Click Root program into your computer.

Step 3) Use a standard USB cable to connect your HTC Desire HD A9191 into your computer.

Step 4) Enable USB debugging.

Step 5) Run One Click Root by hitting the ‘Root Now’ button.

Once you’re done with the above steps mentioned, let the software completes the rest of the remaining tasks. The device also reboots several times before finally rebooting into the rooted Android state. A rooted Android device can have almost limitless opportunities to customize and modify into your own preference.

What I get once I got rooted?

There are issues that comes with the pack of the Android handset, and these brow-raising issues be gone once rooted. A rooted device can ultimately modify and customize to anyway you want, you can do amazing things with it such as, installing custom firmware, remove stubborn bloatware and apps, get rid of unwanted ads, get access to exclusive features, enable wifi tethering, and a lot more. The HTC uses HTC Sense UI, which may not to your preference and personality or simply not your type, you can get rid of it and change it to other UI of your choice.

Getting root access is one of the best choices you’ve made, because rooting isn’t just about getting a new and enhanced specs and a stunning device, but it’s about having a new functional, more fun life that you could live up day after day.

June 06 2015


How-To Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon sm-g900v


Top Reasons To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v

Samsung galaxy s5

Users of Android from different places on the planet are opting to root their devices. Why do you think they do this? Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v  offers you with benefits and six of the greatest ones are offered here:

Rooting offers you access to a complete new world of fun Android activities. The entire process of rooting your phone is now made a lot easier because of the many modern apps that you may use. Among the most well-known ones is the Single Click Root.

After rooting your device, your phone will boot up into the same wallpaper and homescreen. There will be no noticeable difference after performing the rooting method. You might even conclude that the rooting was failed.

There are available applications that you can download if you want to check if the root process was effective. One good example is the Root Checker. This application is entirely free of charge.

You will have fun with your phone when it's been rooted successfully.

Top 6 Factors to Root the Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v 

6) Most recent Android Version Installation

If you are using an Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v  that has not been rooted, you should wait for the manufacturers to develop and release an update before you can update it. You should spend your time waiting for weeks and even months and you do not even have the guarantee that you will receive the update.. If dismiss the thought of rooting your phone, you might be one of the countless Android users that still has an out of date Operating system.

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v  will immediately solve this problem. Installing the newest custom ROMs is made feasible. ROM installation with the most present build will be feasible if you root your device. It can all be done in minutes even if you?re a fool with technology.  

5) Enhances The Efficiency of your CPU

As everyone knows there are lots of other devices running on better android versions. The issue is your device might not need one. You no longer need to worry because now, you can root your phone. By executing this method, your phone will have an improved CPU performance.

If you're looking for an app that can help speed up the efficiency of your device and also enable you to switch in between apps with ease then you should use SetCPU. The CPU of your device can be overlocked.  

Apart from its overlocking capability, it also comes with an underlocking feature. By underlocking the performance of your CPU when not getting used, you'll be able to enjoy a longer batter life.

4) Lengthen your Phone?s Batter Life

You will be able to extend the life of your batter for an additional 29 min's if you use SetCPU. It is only one of its several benefits.  

Greenify is another app that you can make use of. Even if your device is not rooted, you can still enjoy using this app. However, it works best if it is. This application freezes the apps running in the background particularly if they are not getting used. JuiceDefender is another great choice. It targets particular apps. The applications that will be targeted are those that consume more battery life. This application will let you enjoy almost Three hours of additional battery life.

3) More Comprehensive and Efficient Backup Feature

On non-rooted Androids, you can only backup somethings. Google is responsible for backing up your applications and files. By utilizing an app called Titanium Backup, all of your files are going to be backed up.

Titanium back up works by having a picture of everything, files, applications and settings of your phone. It comes in handy especially in cases when you?ve made changes to your phone and you want it to be restored to its previous version prior to the alteration. By using Titanium Backup, you may restore your phone to its previously backed up version. Your phone may have the settings and files that were backed up before changes were made on your Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v . 

2) Personalization

Other sorts of phones can't be customized but Android ones can. Take iPhone for example. Only the wallpaper can be altered. This fact about Android is valid only at some point. This is true if and only if, their device has undergone the rooting process.

After rooting, customization of various elements in your phone is granted. Some of these you might not even have considered to be changeable. Modifications to the resolution, display color and vibration setting are simply a few of the things that you can do. You can even install a ROM that can make your Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v  almost identical to a unit working on iPhone IOS. 

1) Bloatware uninstallation

All Android phones have bloatware. These are applications that cannot be uninstalled from your device. They have been installed by the manufacturer with the intent to promote a particular app regardless of whether you will use it or not.

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v  will assist you to uninstall these annoying and troublesome bloatware. You will even get to like various other benefits. Your phone will be cleaner. It'll have longer batter life span and you'll even get to enjoy a greater performance on its CPU. It just implies that rooting your device is the key to enjoying all these things. 

Willing to Root your Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v?

You'll get to appreciate the simple and safe process of rooting. It may have been thought of as an unsafe process before but not today. One particular who performed this ended up having a bricked device. Today, these are no longer an issue. This can be done on your own anytime that you want. 

Joining clubs comprised of Android users with rooted devices is yet another thing that you can do after undertaking this process. They'll help you get started with your recently rooted phone or tablet

Wait no more. Root your Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900v  right now.


May 29 2015


How-To Easily Root the Sony Xperia Z4


How To: Rooting the Sony Xperia Z4

Sony xperia z4
The new flagship phone for Sony is the Xperia Z4 which the rest of the world will be known as the Xperia Z3+. The Z4 only changes nothing but its name, with the same incremental upgrade over the Xperia Z3. This will be a high-end smartphone and goes head to head with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 in smartphone supremacy.

In fact, there are several upgrades. For the hardware, Snapdragon chipset 810 replaced the S801 from the previous model. Also the internal storage of 16GB is ditched and made available with 32GB built-in styorage, though RAM still remains at 3GB. The Z4 is packed with the same 5.2 1080p TRILUMINOUS display and measure slimmer than the previous Z3, otherwise identical. The trimmings of the millimiters resulted to the downgrade of the battery capacity which is now 2,930 mAh from the previous which is 3100 mAh. For the camera department, it has the same 20.7MP but tge front camera is ugraded to 5MP. The rest are identical to its predecessors, only few tweaks has neen made, and of course this won't be easy for your pockets, so it cost nothing cheaper than its predecessors as well.

However, we'll know anytime soon its full specifications, its strengths and so its weaknesses (we already have hints what are those weak points) and we definitely know how to remedy those device flaws-related issues and that is through rooting.

Rooting sony xperia z4
Rooting your Sony Xperia Z4

High-end devices doesn't seem to be perfect anyways, there's always room for you to expose your geekdom and the desire of owning a must-have flawless device is raging and rooting your Sony Xperia Z4 likely very possible. Rooting can pave way to a more re- innovated and reconstructed internal system wherein one can go deeper into the core and break in to the system to freely modify and customize the inner workings of your device according to your preference and needs.

Though rooting can be dangerous, with One Click Root, it is guaranteed protected all throught out the process and it's made simple and easy with just few click moves.

1.) Download and install One Click Root into the computer or PC.
2.) Simply connect your Sony Xperia Z4 to the computer or PC using a standard USB cable.
3.) Enable USB debugging by opening the 'Developer Options'.
4.) Run One Click Root by hitting th 'Root' button and let the software finishes the remaining tasks.

Quickly, the device reboots few times before finally rebooting to the rooted Android state. Now you're a step closer to having an ultimate Android experience like no other.

The device doesn't change anything, it's visually exactly the same as the regular device at first glance, but can work with its internal modifications and customization's.

What do I get with my rooted Android device?

The regular device which is the Sony Xperia Z4 is already great with its sleek and premium designs and superb features. But rooting can make it even more flawless high-end smartphone everyone is dreaming about. A rooted device can have endless possibilities in ways to customize your device.

The Sony's UI is already great and elegant, but if you simply like to get rid of it, you still can. With root access, you can change the Sony's UI to UI of your choice. You can also access your device's full potential by having custom ROM, you can also install apps your carrier doesn't want you to install, enjoy incompatible apps, access blocked features, preserve battery life, you can also uninstall bloatware to reduce unneccessary RAM and CPU usage and speed its performance. With rooted Android, it's a whole new world to unveil and discover better if not the best of your device's full potential without ripping off your pockets for an absolute Android experience.

May 25 2015


Why You Should Root Your LG G4

Root lg g4Do you have plans to root your LG G4? Rooting offers a lot of perks and that is most significant explanations why people across the globe are doing this.

You will have limited activities on your LG G4 finally, before using it. But when you root it, you will be given access to many other exciting activities. This method is very easy to do. You'll find several software and tools like One Click Root to help you.

After rooting your device, your phone will boot up into the same wallpaper and homescreen. Your cell phone will look the same as it did when you rooted. You might actually think that it didn't work.

Fortunately, you can easily check if your LG G4 was efficiently rooted by downloading an application like Root Checker for free.
You will be having so much fun when your phone has been rooted.

Top 6 Reasons to Root the LG G4

6) Set up the newest Version of Android

One of the problems with Android is that customers have to wait for manufacturers and carriers to update Android before they can download the new version. Besides waiting too long, there's a big chance that you might not even get the update.

Most of these problems are eradicated with the beginning of LG G4 rooting. Even the installation of the newest ROM builds are made feasible. Rooting your device doesn't require you to be an expert in technology.

5) CPU Performance Enhancement

Do you need to have a phone that possesses powerful Android Operating System? Root your LG G4 and you will get one in a jiffy.

If you are searching for an app that will help speed up the efficiency of your device and also permit you to switch in between apps effortlessly then you should use SetCPU. CPU overlocking is now feasible. 

If your phone does not require its CPU to perform that much then it can be underlocked.

4) Lengthen your Phone?s Batter Life

As said before, SetCPU can lengthen your batter life for almost Thirty minutes. This is only one benefit that you will enjoy. 

You can also use Greenify. Even if your device is not rooted, you may still enjoy using this app. However, it works best if it is. The freezing of unnecessary yet active apps will be frozen by this app.

JuiceDefender is another great option. It has a feature that allows app targeting. The applications that are going to be focused on are those that consume more batter life than the others. This application will let you enjoy almost Three hours of added battery life.

3) Better Backup Characteristic

Devices that have not been rooted can only backup certain files. Your apps and other data in your phone are backed up by Google automatically. If you want all of your files in your phone to be backed up and be capable to access it any time you want then there's one particular application that you can use. The name of the application is Titanium Backup.

Titanium back up works by taking a picture of all things, files, apps and settings of your phone. Using this application will allow you to restore it back to the setting in the period that you used this Titanium Backup app. Phone setting and file restoration won't be a trouble with this app. Of course, it'll go back to the particular setting before changes were made to it.

2) Customizing your Phone is Permitted

One disadvantage of having an iPhone is that almost nothing can be changed. It is one reason why Android users are proud of their devices. But, true customization will only be evident with LG G4 rooting.

Phone personalization can be done with rooting. Change your vibration strength. Display color palette may also be changed. Resolution modification enabled. Use a customized ROM that makes your LG G4 look indistinguishable from an iPhone running iOS. 

1) Enables Bloatware Deletion

All Android phones have bloatware. These are applications that cannot be uninstalled from your device. Manufacturers do so for their users to see or even be forced to use the bloatware that they have set up in the device.

You'll be able to reclaim the used up hard drive of your phone by removing these bloatware. Its performance will tremendously be enhanced and it the batter will even last longer when these applications, bloatware, are eliminated. You will appreciate your phone better if you uninstall these bloatware and this can only be done if you root your phone.  

Worry No More and Root Your LG G4 Today

It is simple and also safe to root the LG G4 that you have. It may have been harmful in the past but that is no longer the case today. Today, it?s unbelievably easy - even if you?re not great with mobile phones or computers. 

There are several clubs that have been developed by countless Android users and you may join one that you like. These clubs can help you learn all the things linked to what you can and can't do with your rooted LG G4. 

These are generally only a few of the reasons why now is the best time for LG G4 Rooting.


May 23 2015

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How To Easily Root the Samsung Galaxy S3


How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (sgh-i747) At&t

Root samsung s3
Samsung has been a great electronics designer and manufacturer that made its name known not just in one category, but also in TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Samsung is one of the high-quality contender that topped in the markets around the world. One on the popular segment is the Samsung Galaxy S series, for instance, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (sgh-i747) At&t with a really amazing and impressive specs and is truly well manufactured.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (sgh-i747) At&t showcases a 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and with some TouchWiz enhancements making it easier, faster and even more beautiful than ever. It is also packed with a powerful hardware and software with its 1.5 GHz dual-core processor together with the Jelly Bean platform. Featuring the S Beam which enables back-to-back sharing through NFC and WiFi direct technology. Also made compatibility to any HDTV or computer. Another key feature is the smart gestures, S voice which responses to voice commands, also with the popup play, and 8MP rear camera, 1.9MP front camera which captures stunning photos of the moments. However, it is preloaded with TouchWiz and TechTile technology which you might find redundant and unnecessary, and space consuming feature.

Fortunately, there’s an ultimate solution to do some tricks, tweaks, and fixes to these technical system flaws-related issues for an ultimate convenience.

Root samsung s3
1-2-3-4 Root Your Samsung Galaxy S3 (sgh-i747) At&t

Giving your Samsung Galaxy S3 an additional or expanded capability, increase its functionality, and modify its visual appearance can be made possible through rooting. Rooting can open door to countless opportunities and ways to customize your Samsung Galaxy S3 the way you want, from visual appearance, battery life and memory expansion to a better and faster software and hardware performance. Android rooting is tricky and risky at the same time, but choosing the right rooting method decreases the chances of errors and getting a bricked device. With One Click Root, rooting is made quick and easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4.
So get ready to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 (sgh-i747) At&t.

1.    Download and install One Click Root into your PC or computer.
2.    Connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to your PC or computer using a standard USB cable.
3.    Simply enable USB debugging.
4.    Run One Click Root by hitting the ‘Root’ button.

Once you’re done with running it, let the software do the rest of the remaining tasks and it automatically run through the commands that give root access to your device. Your Samsung Galaxy S3 will reboot several times before rebooting into the rooted Android state.

Normally, your device looks exactly like the regular unrooted one. But if you opt to change a lot including the visual appearance and UI of your device, it’s likely possible to have like a brand new device.

What do you get on rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 (sgh-i747) At&t?

Rooting with One Click Root is definitely the right choice, because it is the only rooting method that guarantees 100% safety. It keeps your device protected all the way through the rooting process. And once you get rooted through One Click Root, there’s a whole new world of fun and excitement ahead of you.

Rooted android get the privilege to modify the system files according to your choice. Whether it’s installing custom ROM, battery saver apps, expanding memory or get rid of the TouchWiz UI of Samsung to the touch UI of your preference. Rooting your Android phone is a choice you have to make and a risk you have to take, for a better and more convenient Android experience.
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